We have spearheaded the Perfect Science that makes up the Eden program. Using the collective knowledge of tradition with modern technology we have developed these natural solutions which produce higher yields. Use Eden solutions and increase your profits today!



The world tells us of extreme sports, extreme vacations… but nowhere does the world tell us of Extreme Agriculture. We are all about Extreme Agriculture, and Blue Gold™ is our flagship product. It is a revolutionary All Natural Water Amendment Solution which has seen Amazing Results. Blue Gold™ is a comprehensive natural bio-surfactant technology comprised of Plant and Sea Extracts, Herbs, Minerals and other naturally occurring nutrients such as Amino Acids, Essential Oils, and Plant Based Adjuvants – all balanced in harmony in the Perfect Science of our Synergist Technology™.

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EcoSweet™ is a complete super food packaged microbial carbohydrate source to boost your microbial count and activity. The quality of the microbial community in your soil is directly related to the quality of your plants! EcoSweet™ is a natural microbial sugar rush developed from unique all natural carbohydrate sources found naturally growing around the world. It is additive free and contains our super bio-surfactant technology! EcoSweet™ is a key ingredient in our program which we call The Eden Solution™. Every time our farmers use Blue Gold™ they use EcoSweet™ as well. In fact we generally only sell Blue Gold™ in combo packs containing EcoSweet™.

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Our calcium product C4 Calcium™ is an all natural calcium treatment solution for farmers and turf managers alike. We have located a rare sedimentary calcium carbonate source which has been found to have a natural negative ionic charge. What this means is our calcium solution will naturally cling to soil and plants and wait to be used without suffering from run off or leaching. This electro-negative calcium source is the only one we know of in the world! Our calcium solution has undergone our Synergist Technology™ to break it down to a sub-colloidal form - and as a result is fully suspend-able in water!

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Our amazing nitrogen solution is a special Amino Nitrogen source suspended in our proprietary surfactant solution. This solution will not wash away or leach from the soil. This all natural Amino Nitrogen has been treated through our Synergist Technology™, enabling it to stick like Velcro to the electro-negative soil. Unlike the typical commercial nitrogen sources which must undergo an extensive and time consuming conversion process in the soil - which is generally only 30 to 45% efficient - our natural Amino Nitrogen source is immediately available to the soil and the plant.

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So-Phos™ is our liquid phosphate solution. It is very unique and has many naturally occurring plankton, larvae, algae, and other microbial sources. This is a solution of soft rock phosphate and it is mined from an ancient sedimentary deposit which carries with it many other compounds useful to the soil and plants. Phosphate and calcium are the two of the greatest nutrient activators in the field. When our So-Phos™ is applied with our C4 Calcium™, a natural para-magnetic protoplasmic bonding occurs enabling a supercharged processing of nutrients to take place in the soil and in the plant. This bond will go even further to assist in holding the nutrients in the soil together until they are used up by the microbes or the plants.

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