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About Eden Solutions

We are an awesome company with revolutionary products. The entirety of our business focus is to increase the profits of our farmers as much as possible, as naturally as possible, and as quickly as possible! We believe in sustainable agriculture and orient ourselves, our workforce, and our principles accordingly. We preserve natural techniques, while embracing innovative technologies, so you can produce better soil and crops tomorrow.

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New Beginnings:
The Eden Family started out among several people, companies and co-operative groups throughout the nation who all exerted a common purpose: true sustainable agriculture. These men and women and their amazing natural technologies and solutions all represented a critical need in the sustainable natural agriculture approach. Over time, these individuals, companies, and groups began to hear of each other. Over the course of a few years these technologies and solutions would come together as The Eden Family with masterful Eden Solutions.

Eden Growth:
As the Eden Family came together, it was like putting together long lost pieces of a spectacular puzzle. Through many years and over two million in combined research and development, the Eden Family has operated under one principle, ‘How to make the Garden of Eden a current day reality, naturally and affordable.’ After years of significant testing, the Eden products have yielded unprecedented results, to say the least. 

Eden Today:
Today Eden Solutions is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Eden Family of companies with a complete Eden program. As a modern company with old technologies (and old-fashioned customer service) and revolutionary solutions, we are not the typical white collar company organized to absorb profits from hard working farmers, but rather we are a traditional company who focuses on close relationships with our farmers. The same uniforms our farmers wear to work every day are the same uniforms we wear to work every day. Our passion is to see those ear to ear grins on our farmers faces when we deliver to them these new, simple, and cost effective ways to produce better crops and higher yields, naturally.

Eden Tomorrow:
We are so passionate about what we do, we can sincerely say we are not in it for the money. It has been stated that our solutions are so revolutionary people shouldn’t be able to afford them. We disagree, whole heartedly. We love to farm, labor, live, love and laugh. The Eden Family is all about... Family. We don’t have investors who impose their corporate greed upon us, but rather we are a group of farmers of heart who desire to bring about the Next Generation of truthfully Natural and Sustainable farming. Eden today has superior technologies and solutions that work extremely well compared to present day commercial solutions, and tomorrow Eden seeks to end agricultural problems with its Eden Solutions!

The Eden Solution
The Eden Solution is a program which utilizes our Eden solutions which we refer to as Perfect Science bundled into one amazing all natural program. Its bio-surfactant technologies, rare-earth raw materials, and all natural solutions enable farmers and enthusiasts to make the reputable Garden of Eden a current day reality. This extraordinary program of solutions is overflowing with an abundant array of minerals, herbal extracts, amino acids, natural growth hormones, plant extracts, and sea minerals - all of which have been converted to a sub-colloidal size via our Synergist Technology. The raw materials and mixing processes of Eden solutions have been carefully researched and developed over many years of combined research so as to take full advantage of electrical polarity in the soil, plant, and the solutions. Eden solutions are equipped with electro-negative ionic charges so that it may naturally and immediately be available to plants and the soil.

Result Driven
The Eden program is Result Driven. The program and solutions where not only developed to provide revolutionary support to plants and the soil on a biological level, but also on a visual level so the farmer can truly see how amazing the Eden program is truly working for them. Sometimes the visual changes in the color and quality are so drastic it is hard to believe what the eyes are seeing. Have you ever seen a 8 foot tall tomato plant bearing over 300 tomato's in a season? We have, repeatedly.


Oklahoma Farmer Grows 5 Cuttings at 227% RFV!!
An Oklahoma farmer recently came across Eden Solutions and their amazing product, Blue Gold™ and the tall tales that follow. Kirk Brown was a little sceptical at first, as it can be hard to imagine any product capable of turning the tide currently being experienced the drought/pest stricken Agricultural Industry. Farmer Brown started off with a few acres and discovered that those fewer acres were healthier than ever before, out producing the rest of his fields. After some prayer and family meetings, Farmer Brown decided that if he did not try something soon, the risk would be too great as he, like most farmers, experiences marginal results year after year. Brown went Eden, and when it came time to test his field, the results from OSU were mind boggling. The results indicated that his 5th Cutting was 85% Dry Matter, 14% Moisture, 26% Protein, and with a 227% RFV!!! Needless to say, Farmer Brown can not wait until this coming growing season when he can supply Blue Gold™ at a fraction of the cost, yielding himself results he has never seen in his entire family history. 


Farmer Grows 8 Foot Tomato Plants!
A Missouri farmer has been experimenting with the Eden Blue Gold™ water amendment solution. He has been achieving amazing results to say the least. Mr. Dierker planted 15 tomato plants like he does every year, while getting the average yield of 20 to 25 tomatos from each plant throughout the season. In the beginning of the drought in mid June, Mr. Dierker began applying the Blue Gold™. Shortly thereafter he contacted us to report that his tomato plants were 8' to 10' tall and wide with stalks over an inch in diameter. The heavy fruit caused the plants to collapse down to about 6' tall. Mr Dierker said, "Never in my life have I seen anything like this from just one application per week - and in a drought to boot!" Since the first application in mid June to the middle of October, Mr. Dierker has averaged over 300 tomatoes per plant! An additional 500 tomatoes are growing followed by another 500 blooms have set! And better yet, these tomatos are on average 10 Brixx or higher, and 98% having no blemishes. The plants are still yielding in the 40 degree Missouri weather! This is truly an amazing accomplishment for the Blue Gold™, and the Eden family is excited to provide Mr. Dierker the opportunity to increase his farming profits!



Blackburn MO Blue Gold Bean Farmer Grows Record 170 Pods in the Middle of a Drought!
In the far reaches of Blackburn Missouri a Soy Bean farmer dedicated 35 acres of his worst fields to Eden to test the Blue Gold™ water amendment solution! Eden was extremely grateful for this opportunity. Coming into the growing season in late August, Eden supplied Farmer Nolte with approximately three applications worth of Blue Gold™. These applications occurred once a week for 3 weeks. Days after the first application the beans busted out new blooms (fruit set) in all 35 acres. The Farmer commented on how many bees came to the field like never before. The plants took on a deep dark green quality, and Farmer Nolte confirmed that the Blue Gold™ beans held 4 and 5 pods! Farmer Nolte was extremely excited to report that Blue Gold™ naturally began to solve his water hemp problem. A few hours after the first application, the water hemp weed began to go south, and was totally hollow by the second application. The Blue Gold™ bean leaves were extremely silky smooth every morning and covered in moisture, while other bean leaves were dry and visibly stressed. After the 3 applications, Farmer Nolte began to discover bean plants with pod counts exceeding 100, and even 200 pods in some areas! Eden was given the worst ground to test Blue Gold™, and Eden expects to easily double the average harvest. Be sure to check out our Gallery and see the oversized beans these Blue Gold™ plants are producing! 

Florida Hibiscus Gets Vibrant!
Down in the nice warm vacation weather of West Palm Beach Florida, the Eden Blue Gold™ all natural water amendment solution is tested on some Hibiscus, and other plants at an 11 acree condominium association. The Hibiscus seen has been having extreme difficulties due to chemical buildup and pest management issues. The right Hibiscus shows a control where it is quite evident the plant is sickly yellow, and is in extreme need of some all natural help! The Hibiscus to the left was given only a few applications of Eden Blue Gold™, and as can be clearly seen, took on a very vibrant and dark green quality, and additionally the pest problems were alleviated as the plant became more vibrant and healthy! Did you know, because of electric polarity, pests are attracted to sick plants, and will in general, fly over many healthy ones to get to the sick ones? See the photo gallery of a hibiscus stem with nine blooms on it! Yes, we did say one stem with 9 separate blooms!


Golf Turf Remediates in Days!
The turf industry uses the chemicals, acids, and high alkali materials more so than many other industries to get the Green. As a result, the turf industry is in a self induced plummet to a desert like status. Turf managers use more and more chemicals than ever before just to stay afloat, at the greatest cost in the history of managing turf. After many hours talking with turf managers, many are in agreement that it is all they can do to supply the turf in ever increasing doses of chemicals to keep up with their vibrant green qualities! The course seen in the picture is one where they had begun to hunt for alternatives to their current program, as obviouslly it was no longer working. They did not know where to look for natural solutions, and thankfully Eden found them! With only seven applications of Blue Gold™ and Eco-Blast N™ over a couple weeks, the turf seen in the picture became a SuperTurf™! The natural aspects of Blue Gold™ enable turf managers to boast the cleaniest, healthiest, and the best quality turf that is also more drought and freeze resistant than ever before with a true Green glow.


Frequently Asked Questions about Eden

Using the Eden program and applying the Eden solutions is fun to say the least, but like any project, sometimes new beginnings can seem daunting at first. So we can better serve our professional and novice farmers, our experts are here around the clock to assist you via telephone and email. Whether you’re just starting to seek natural solutions for natural farming, or you are someone who realizes the chemicals are no longer working as well as they once did and you know you need a new solution to the problem, the Eden Family is prepared to become your friend and show you how to sustainably grow and maintain your crops and turfs. To help you learn a little more about the Eden Family, our solutions, and the natural program we offer to our farmers, we have provided some answers to Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.) below.



Q: Why the Eden name?
A: It all started when the natural products first began to be developed. You see, we are a God fearing group of people and we give all the glory to Him. Alot of our business principles and mannerisms are derived straight from the Bible. So naturally, when we first began to search for names for our solutions, we looked there first. Did you know that Blue Gold was called Lazarus during its first stages of development? It earned that name for its unique ability to resurrect chemically harmed and stressed and sometimes even dead plants to vibrant plants of quality with extremely high yields. The question we asked ourselves is: "What name in the Bible lends to the word - 'natural'?' A few seconds later the name Eden, after the Garden of Eden, was unanimously elected as the company brand! So why? Because we believe whole-heartedly that natural healthy plants of high quality and high yield is only acheived through natural and original methods.

Q: What do you mean by Synergist Technology?
A: Your best bet is to first check out our Synergist Technology™ page here. This technology is a natural trade secret process that Eden uses to accomplish the breakdown of herbs, minerals, extracts, and various other nutrients used in our solutions. Plants and soil only process and utilize materials which have been broken down by bacteria to a very small molecular size. When a farmer spreads a solid fertilizer on the ground, more than half is never used because the biology is not available to process it quick enough before run off. The truest way to feed the plant and the soil is to deliver to it nutrients already in the proper size and format for immediate use by the plant. Our Synergist Technology™ accomplishes this task, extremely well. So well in fact that we are actually able to make soluble heavy materials like Calcium or Gold and make them suspend in water! Did you know that Blue Gold™ has actual liquid Gold in the surfactant mixing process? 

Q: What motivates the Eden Family?
A: The reality is that the answer is in the question. We are a Family, with family principles and aspirations. We enjoy love, laughter, and hard earned excess. When we look for someone to fulfill a position, we don't just grab anyone. We look for someone who not only can do the task (or be taught), but someone who needs the job! There are too many single moms for us to be focused on paper degrees and past work experience, when every man and woman has the same potential to earn and learn to do a task efficiently and well. We are motivated by smiles, by satisfaction.... When Blue Gold™ sets records we dont do it for the fame or the money, we do it because we know in our hearts that the hard working sweating farmer now using The Eden Solution™ will have more profits and more excess than he has ever had before. And that his Eden food will yield some of the most nturient dense foods ever, helping to provide better foods to everyone. This is what motivates us - Satisfying the needs of as many as we can.

About Eden

Q: What kind of company are you, where, and how do you operate yourselves?
A: Eden Solutions is a subsidiary of our parent company, Eden Operations. We are an assembly, or rather a family of companies held together under one umbrella for limited liablity purposes and division of labor. We are an limited liablity company formed in the State of Missouri, however we are registered in the State of Wyoming, where our principal place of business and headquarters is located. We process all product inquires, paperwork, sales, transactions, and other corporate issues through our headquarters. Through the use of multiple manufacturing facilities, we are able to process sales through our headquarters and then send product from the closest warehouse to the final customer, to present them the lowest cost on shipping for products. We always strive to operate in a bona fide manner with clean hands, while ensuring all of the products maintain proper registration and compliance with all states. 

Product Solutions

Q: What sets Eden products apart from other products?
A: Eden solutions are not just set apart from modern chemical fertilizers, but they are also set apart from other natural products currently offered. Chemical fertilizers... Eden is different because our solutions are All Natural and promote Life, while chemical fertilizers are inorganic, are not alive, and can only push and force plants to appear to be more life-like. Inorganic chemistry is dead, and in reality only have the ability to promote death. Over the years, as Big Ag and its chemical cocktails have plundered the world's soil, today's agriculture is in a steep nutritional and production decline as its pending total desert-like-state appears inevitable. But what about other natural solutions offered by other companies? We can not comment as to whether they are sufficient or not, but what we do know is that they do not have our Synergist Technology - without it the only possible way to make natural products like herbs and minerals soluble for plant and soil absortion is through harsh micronization processes using very acidic and toxic chemical solutions. This is why most natural products offerred require abundant special mixing directions, brewing, and application processes - and generally they require special equipment so as not to clog or make inoperable the average equipment used by farmers today. Some natural products today are not complete solutions, but are rather unique plant extracts which provide a bonus or otherwise enhance a farmer's current program. These products present only a "singular" benefit, whereas we like to incorporate all the elements needed of the plants and soils. These "singular" products are generally very costly, and are acquired through hot processes which destroy nutrient values. Should cold presssed plant extracts be found on the market, they are always very expensive to be used anywhere but on an ethusiasts garden as it is extremely labor entensive to develop cold pressed plant extracts in large quantities cost effectively. Simply put, there is no 100% natural product on the market today which compares to the solubility and extensively diverse nutrient profile of our Eden solutions at our extremely affordable costs. Our solutions are a true super food and not enhancements or inorganic substitutes for your current program. They are true solutions which will carry your turf, soil, and plants all the way through the season, and in some climates increase the season by 20% due to the weather-proofing capabilities of Blue Gold™.

Q: How are you able to decrease water consumption by 50%, and how does Eden solutions enable Drought Resistance?
A: The Earth is negatively charged during the night, and positively charged during the day. This effects plants in many ways. Everything surrounds ionic properties and Blue Gold™ is a zwitterionic charged solution that is capable of handling both negatively charged and positively charged plants, nutrients, and soil. As Blue Gold™ balances the polarity of your water, and therefore that of the plant membranes, the natural osmosis process is able to occur much more efficiently, enabling plants to draw in more water through your irrigation techniques and even the ambient air! These ionic features promote healthy stomata's in your plants, enabling them to absorb more water when foliar fed, while also increasing the porosity of the soil to enable deeper and more wide-spread water penetration! Blue Gold™ plants have a much more relaxed and stress free stomata, enabling the plant to absorb dew and ambient air more readily. When Blue Gold™ plants are compared to a control plant in the early morning, the control has dew drops all over the leave as a farmer has seen their whole life. However, when viewing a Blue Gold™ plant in the early morning or after sunset Eden farmers will see uniform slick, wet leaves which have soaked up all the dew! When a farmer poors water on regular chemically stressed soil he will notice that the water will appear to puddle, and run if on a incline/decline. However, when the Eden farmer poors water on Blue Gold™ soil, he will notice how the water immediately zaps right into the soil because the proper balance of ionic polarity amends the water and enables it to pentrate the soil! Blue Gold™ essentially makes water 'wetter'. These simple factors enable most users of the Eden program to receive an opportunity to consume significantly less amounts of water in their irrigation!

Q: What is Re-Structured water?
A: Water is the most abundant element on earth and is commonly referred to as the least understood of all of them. It has been said that the world knows more about Mars than it does of the water molecule. All of life deals in electrical charges, or rather the ionic state of a certain material. Positive or Negative or occasionaly neutral when positive and negative characteristics are equal. Water is 2 hydrogens and 1 oxygen, and lots of them together equals water in the liquid state. But what is the 'structure' of those molecules of water in that puddle? We all know that when water gets hot, the molecules expand, creating significant distance from one molecule to the next. Too hot and they expand so far the ionic bonds from one H2O to another pop and they begin to out-gas (steam). When water is cold, the molecules all scrunch up together real tight. Extremely close water molecules (and therefore really cold ones) become "solid-like" and form ice! So, when room tempature water is sitting there in your bottle, garden hose, or irrigation tank - are all those molecules perfectly aligned and efficiently positioned? In general, they are not. The many foreign elements found in the water actually keep the ionic bonds of the H2O molecules scattered, inconsistant and disorganized. When these foreign elements are no longer present, the water is still disorganized: this is referred to at the University level as "water memory". No, we are not necessarily saying water is alive, has a brain, and remembers things. The molecules and their displacements caused by foreign elements found in the water (city chlorine, arsenic in the water table, heavy metals) don't immediatley revert back to a harmonious state once those foreign elements disappear. What resets this memory is the "breaking" of the natural H2O bonds, and then the rebinding as the water comes back together, they more readily position themselves into an original and God-intended state. This is most significantly exampled in streams and waterfalls as water crashes over the riverbed and rocks causing a breaking of the water, and reformation. So Re-Structured water is.... essentially re-organized water. So what happens when you organize water while the foreign elements are still there causing the water to have a disorganized state? What we have done through many years of research is develop a device which promotes this breaking of water in a mechanical fashion, without throttling PSI or GPM, enabling the foreign elements in the water to out gas or drop out of ionic suspension. We refer to this device as the Helix Technology which maximizes the use of natural ionic states of the molecules against each other to naturally find their proper place. Mechanically, the device has many similarities with the structure of a DNA strand, while utilizing polarity, and primary quantum principles. Our Re-Structured water device is essentially reset button. With this water we are able to hold dissolved oxygen above 40% in stagnant and moving water. This is an accomplishment 200% greater than what the average industry expects science to be able to do. We utilize this form of water in all of our solutions, and we even offer this Helix Technology at affordable costs to be used in-line with our Venturi Device in your present fertigation/irrigation systems.

Q: What is Weather-Proofing?
A: With enormous yield increases being number one on our Eden accomplishment list, the second place goes to our advancement in the Weather-Proofing of plants. This is a critical subject to all modern and Eden farmers. Every year a good percentage of the world's crops are lost from stress due to "unexpected" harsh and inclement weather - such as: Frost, Freeze, Snow, Wind Chill, Excessive and Prolonged Heat Waves, and of course the number one being Drought! Through the discoveries in our Weather-Proofing research, we have been able to set aside these crop killing events by eliminating the sensitivity of plants to these stressful events. How did we do this? Through the efficient delivery of amended water so the the plants and soils can have an enhanced immune and defense system, while also enabling them super-natural energy so as to intake excess nutrients via our understanding of ionic polarities. Eden plants are hardier and more prepared for when these harsh events occur. In some climates, like California and Florida, users of the Blue Gold have been able to grow year around outside. Now obviouslly, growth rates do decline, but no longer do these farmers and turf managers have to fear the sudden cold/hot day which can sometime sneak up! One Eden farmer in the cold corner of western North Carolina planted mid February (lettuce, kale, beans, corn) using the Blue Gold solution. About 30 "killing" frosts and a record low of 15F that year occurred before spring time (normal planting time) occurred. All of the Blue Gold plants, though experiencing slow growth in the harsh cold, survived all the killing frosts and two 6 inch snow falls! In some cases this will enable increased yields, while the most important feature of weather-proofing we find advantageous is that no longer is the average farmer subject to the gut-wrenching toss of the dice method on when to plant seedlings! It might be worth mentioning that most farmers in FL, TX, NM, and places like AZ will generally be able to grow three crops per year instead of two. This is what we in the Eden Family call Extreme Agriculture!

Eden Opportunities

Q: How do I become a Distributor of Eden products?
A: We maintain key guidances with our distributors to ensure that such an opportunity is not legally classified as a Franchise or Business Opportunity. If you are a Distributor you will receive our products a set wholesale cost and a guarantee not to raise the wholesale price unless current economic events or forces of nature would require us to raise our prices. Distributors must keep a stock of product and handle all sales with end users. For large sales, some Distributors may be approved to drop ship the order from a Eden manufacturing facility. Alternatively, some inquirers who are unable to meet the demands of a Distributor, may seek to refer this excellent line of solutions and receive commissions on all *final sales. Because of pyramid laws, we can not authorize multi-level marketing - but the commission program can work great for someone who simply desires to refer the products. If you wish to learn more about becoming a Distributor or how to receive commissions for product referral, please go to our Contact Us page and send us an inquiry or call 1-877-732-5360, Ext 105.